So honoured to be recognized in this way and to have the support of the Dyke March & all the other amazing femmes on this list to acknowledge. As Masti Khor said, "And, I’m also wary of who gets recognized, how, why and who gets left behind. I’m thinking about how my work as a performer/ facilitator/community worker is highly visible and how I’m actually applauded for a lot of the masculine aspects of my personality and my ability to produce shit. How do we acknowledge people’s work without reproducing femmephobic, capitalist, sexist and ableist understandings of “accomplishment”? 

Femmespirators who have also been recognized, can we use this opportunity to lift all of us femininely gendered people up? Whether our work is loud and takes on traditionally applauded “leadership” roles, or if your work is watching netflix, raising babies, crafting, trying not to die, helping others to thrive or prayer? Because fuck, anyone who can survive the patriarchy deserves to be honoured."

So I am looking for other femmes to recognize, the ones I have already submitted are:

Kiley May
Lena Peters
Kylie Brooks
Nish Israni
Fonna-Tasha S.
Robin Akimbo
Elisa Carlass Hatton
Farrah Khan
OmiSoore H. Dryden
Aisha Fairclough

There are other folks who I would want to acknowledge, but I am don't know how folks identify or if they would like that, let me know if there is anyone who would like to be recognized.