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Tiq & Kim are a riveting duo! Here at RBC Insurance we are focused on Diversity and Inclusion and the call to action for all employees. Tiq and Kim delivered a thought provoking key note to our team and in sharing their personal journey’s and encouraging the audience to think with an inclusive mindset, their event has proven to be the most inspiring Black History Month event to date.

Julie Banner Senior Manager Corporate Events and Employee Engagement

I attended a recent event where Kim and Tiq were the keynote speakers I was beyond moved by listening to them speak and hearing their perspective on life.  If you ever get a chance to attend one of their event don’t miss it!

        Tricia Abraham Black History Month Committee

Kim and Tiq were incredible speakers. I was so engaged in what they were saying, I didn’t want it to end !! I consider myself an open-minded individual however I feel like I came out of that room even further enlightened by what they had to say. I would love to attend another one of their events in the future !!

        Lisa Burns Black History Month Committee

“I can’t say enough good things about the keynote speech done by Kim and Tiq. They were both so authentic and honest, captivating the audience and leave them wanting more from them. I have sat on the Black History Month committee for several years and have never heard the amount of positive feedback that I have heard about Kim and Tiq’s speech. They educated us, entertained us and griped us with their story at the same time doing a masterful job at tailoring their presentation for our audience. Amazing job.”

 Nicole Jack Black History Month Committee